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It has been predicted that by 2015 in the US, more consumers will be accessing the Internet via mobile devises than through PCs. Similar predictions are being made for Japan and Europe saying that they will follow by 2017.

If mobile hasn’t already become part of your online strategy, then now is the time to seriously start thinking about it.

There are many ways you can go about it and you don’t have to have a separate dedicated website these days, you can build your main website with a responsive design that changes layout based on the device being used to browse your site.

The beauty of a responsive design is that your website layout dynamically caters for a whole gamut of screen resolutions with the use of media queries.  Just the ticket required when trying to cater for the ever changing world of screen sizes; for instance, just in the Apply ethos there has been the introduction of new screen sizes with the new iPhone 5 and iPad mini within the space of a few months.

Of course depending on your website needs, a platform dedicated to mobile might just be what’s required.  This could be a dedicated mobile website, an app or even a hybrid.

So in short, it’s becoming a mobile world and if your website doesn’t cater for smart phones, tablets, etc. then your traffic will be going to your competitors.