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Browser Wars

There's a new king in town!

Based on recent stats from StatCounter, it looks like Chrome has now taken the lead as the most popular browser when measured worldwide .

Here’s a graph showing the market share between August 2012 to October 2012.

Brwoser Stats - World Wide - 201208-201210

Now that’s on a global scale, it’s always worth having a look at what the stats look like in your region   Here’s a map for the same period showing what’s topping the charts for each region.

Browser Stats Map - 201208-201210

For us in Australia, here’s what what the stats look like for the same period.

Browser Stats - Australia - 201208-201210

Looks like IE is still holding strong down under.

It’s interesting to see how browser popularity evolves over time and also interesting to see how Chrome, a some what younger player in the browser field, has gained solid ground.

More importantly though, you should analyse the browser stats of your individual websites as you may find that things vary quite a bit.  If you don’t have analytics set up on your website, you should!  There are many options and they provide valuable information about your website which will help you make many critical decisions.